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Captain's log: 21-st century on planet Earth

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The fact that such imagery even exists is indicative of the state of mind of Earth's 21-st century civilization. Everything has become bent out of shape.

Reality is now so distorted in the average mind that an endless discharge of perversions is oozing out from everyone everywhere, like a putrid global infection.

History: The best place to start is at the beginning

Mankind's efforts to build a global civilization began long long ago. First came the Babylonian empire, then the Medo-Persian empire, followed by the Greco-Macedonian empire (all three were failures) and finally the Roman empire, which is the current system of control and rulership under which we now live and work.

The key to really understanding why our current civilization is so dysfunctional is found in a proper understanding of what the English language calls jurisdiction. There are many kinds of jurisdictions and they all deal with the same thing. Jurisdiction is about who has authority or control over something. It is the very bedrock of our civilization.

The Global Estate Trust
If you've never heard of the Global Estate Trust you're not alone because few of us ever have. That's because it is the very foundation that our modern civilization is built on, sitting on top of the bedrock of our four primary planetary jurisdictions. As it is with all foundations, they are buried deep under the very structures they are designed to support. Foundations are the domain of designers, architects, and engineers, not media talking heads, politicians, or the general public. You wouldn't ask a hair dresser to fix the engine of your car now would you? Likewise the engine powering our civilization is not something the general public usually understands.

The Global Estate Trust and the system that was put in place long ago to protect, manage and exploit it, is a gigantic umbrella trust under which resides many other smaller subordinate trusts. When added together these trusts are now worth quadrillions of dollars (measured in USD). The system for managing it has recently expired and must now be rebuilt from the bedrock up. COVID-19, vaccines and vaccine passports, plandemics, bankruptcies, and several other things, are all part and parcel of the effort to rebuild this gigantic trust system. With that much money at stake, greedy, immoral, and criminal people will stop at nothing to make sure they can retain power and control over it.

You may ask; "why would such a system expire?"
Because it was designed that way. The core mechanics of the system operate like this:

  • The system we have operated under during our lifetime was designed with a very specific life span of 210 years measured according to the Gregorian calendar. After which time the system becomes invalid (bankrupt) and must be entirely reconstructed if it is to continue.
    FYI: the 210 year span began in 1789, and ended on November 7, 1999. Since November 8, 1999 we have been in a rescission period, during which time a new system for administering the Global Estate Trust is being built, and its assets being transferred.
  • This 210 year lifespan of the system is divided into three time spans of 70 years each.
  • At the end of the first 70 year span, the system provides the option of going through a Reset to initiate a second 70 year span.
  • At the end of the second 70 year span (at the 140 year mark), the system provides the option of going through another Reset to initiate a third 70 year span which will complete the 210 year cycle.
  • However, a third 70 year reset is not permitted. Once the 210 year cycle was completed in 1999, the system had to be reconstructed. This total reconstruction is that great event that is being called The Great Reset as opposed to merely another Reset.

Learn more about the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 (the existence of life) which is at the root of the Global Estate Trust, and how it lays claim to your life, your property, and even your soul: Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.
To gain a proper understanding of jurisdiction it is helpful to study a little history and understand what happened in relation to the Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta, a Summary
Magna Carta 1215 A.D. In signing the Magna Carta King John silently invoked the 1213 Papal agreement relinquishing his crown to the Pope. Thereafter, all lands explored and claimed in behalf of Catholic Monarchs and including the British Monarch as a vassal of Rome, were in fact first and wholly claimed in behalf of the Holy See, which returned a portion of the profit to the vassal monarchs in the form of “jurisdictions”. The Holy See retained the global jurisdiction of the air, granted jurisdiction of the land to temporal authorities (recognized monarchs), and granted the international jurisdiction of the sea to the British Crown Temple to be administered under the ancient Law of the Sea (international admiralty) and Law Merchant (now Uniform Commercial Code).

When it comes to our planet there are 4 primary jurisdictions that constitute the foundation, the natural and artificial bedrock on top of which our entire civilization is built, supported and maintained. These are known as Soil - Land - Sea - Air. When something goes wrong with one or more of these primary jurisdictions then the entire civilization that is built on top of them will suffer the consequences. We are experiencing such consequences today as a direct result of the gross misadministration of two of these jurisdictions, theSea and Air.

Jurisdiction is a big topic and there is a separate web site dedicated to it. It offers a series of essential lessons, the really important lessons you were never taught in school, never taught in church, never taught by your parents, never taught by your governments and leaders. These lessons will give you a solid grounding into the fundamental system that makes our entire civilization work. It's a free high quality educational resource. Simply follow this link: Planetary Jurisdictions.

If you would like to know more about real American history (not the propaganda of government text books and Hollywood movies) a good place to start is with The Jural Assembly Handbook.

Note: That link will take you to the Anna Von Reitz web site.

Rabbit Hole: Going down and getting dirty

The term Rabbit Hole is a nice fuzzy metaphor that is superficially appealing to people, but the reality of this metaphorical Rabbit Hole is what US President Donald Trump referred to as The Swamp and the Cabal, but I prefer calling it what it really is, a cesspit of intellectual, scientific, and medical decadence, legal and political abuse, religious indifference, educational distortion, and all around criminality. Therefore the term Global Crime Syndicate is fitting, because its reach has spread globally, it has no respect for law and order, and it is very well organized.

It's finally time for the world to learn what is really at the source, what is that most fundamental root cause behind this terrifying and grotesque monstrosity the world has found itself shackled to since late 2019.

This monster has been given many names by media talking heads (COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, plandemic, scamdemic, vaccine passport, The Great Reset, New World Order, Quantum this and Quantum that, and more), all of which are designed to lead unsuspecting people down endless rabbit holes and wild goose chases.

As a side note, if you are not already aware then you need to know the true meaning of COVID-19.
I'm not making this up. This truth is fully and publicly documented by the people who devised the vaccination program.


COVID is not a disease, it's a program to create a new global identification system starting in the year 2019!

I won’t offer you another complex attempt at understanding the names (the branches) of this many headed beast. This approach has been exhausted by thousands of well meaning researchers, and still no lasting fruit has been produced by these noble efforts. Unity and fundamental truth still eludes most of us.

Henry David Thoreau wrote: There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

Unity can only be found at the root! An invitation to hack at the branches is a favorite tactic that evil uses to distract us from the truth. The real truth is buried deep, like the tap root of a great tree. It is there that we must look. Will you be the one striking at the root?

When faced with numerous options the simplest one is always the best. So I present the simplest option, the simplest explanation, the simplest concepts, the simplest system, the simplest reason, the simplest reality, the simplest truth as to the nature of this root—the four primary planetary jurisdictions: Soil - Land - Sea - Air.

Visit the: Planetary Jurisdictions web site for in depth coverage.

Open minded researchers such as X22, AND WE KNOW, Amazing Polly, Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele (RIP), Catherine Austin Fitts, George Webb, Wayne Jett, and many many others are all doing the best they can. They all seem to have a specialty within which they excel at digging ever deeper, but ultimately most of them seem unable to break out of the silos of their specialty, and they become limited by their inability to also delve into a wider scope of interest/understanding.

While it is good to be a specialist, in order to truly see the big picture one must also become a generalist. It requires both approaches in combination to clearly see the whole.

The big picture is made up of many small and simple issues. When combined all these small issues act together as a large complex system that can seem overwhelming, but that system is not complicated when properly understood.

Specialists are good at figuring out the individual parts.
Generalists are good at understanding the complexity of the overall system.

Either one alone cannot see the complete picture. You have to become both a generalist and a specialist to succeed. Very few people can pull that off because their limited mindsets stumble at what appears to be many contradictions between generality and specialty. The key to success lies in developing an ability to unify the two disciplines into something even greater. You have to stop thinking 1 + 1 = 2 and start thinking 1 + 1 = 3. I know this sounds crazy, but it's not.

People who have had a long successful and loving marriage know that their marriage is more than merely the sum of its two parts. They understand how 1 + 1 = 3. They understand how a man and a woman working in unity can accomplish far more together than they ever could by acting individually as two independent people who are only taking care of their individual needs.

When I look at the plan I see 1 + 1 = 10.
I see exponentially because I have developed the ability to factor in all the diverse aspects of the overall situation. These are some of the critical topics that need to be understood, to a certain degree, in order to see the whole picture and grasp that deeply buried root of truth.

Military / Industry
The Holy See and the Pope
The Vatican and the Pontiff
Westminster and the Lord Mayor
The Crown and the Monarchy
Food production and supply
Lucifer Satan and the Devil
The Global Estate Trust
Birth Certificates and Passports
Corporate Bankruptcy
The systems of Corporation, Incorporation, and INCORPORATION.
The difference between dual agencies such as: FBI and Federal Bureau of Investigation, CIA and Central Intelligence Agency, IRS and Internal Revenue Service.
The difference between the Corporate President of the United States, the Incorporated President of the United States, and the INCORPORATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
And the most important of all — Jurisdictions.
All of the above are contained within the global system of 4 primary jurisdictions.

A public educational system was put in place starting in 2017 to keep people informed of the truth, and to teach them how to uncover and understand truth. It's called Q. But access to that truth comes with a caveat. The truth is not easy to take, and not everyone can handle it.

The world has only very recently begun being exposed to the lighter side of pedophilia and ritual sacrifices in the name of Lucifer and Satan, and people are reeling! So far the world as a whole has only been exposed to it as mild forms of child abuse and ritualistic behavior, and people are struggling or in denial. What would happen if the torture side of it were to suddenly become mainstream news to billions of people? What about the blood drinking rituals? The Satanic murder rituals? The underground human breeding farms? The adrenochrome factories?

Yet that is still just the tip of that ugly scary iceberg. Sadly it goes much deeper and gets much worse. Keep digging and you run into the MK Ultra and the Monarch programs and other aspects of personality splitting and mind control for the creation of sociopaths and psychopaths to be groomed as our future industry, military and national leaders, and even as discreet personal messengers for the so called Elites of the global crime syndicate.

And still the rabbit hole goes deeper. More layers down you start to discover about the unholy trinity of the Vatican - Westminster - Washington DC and the destructive iron grip these three City States have on the planet, and how they systematically plan wars merely for profit and the destruction of peoples’ free will.

Guess what? We're still not at the bottom of that ugly Rabbit Hole! Digging even deeper we learn about the true purpose of the Vatican and its Universal Religion (aka Catholicism). Do enough digging in that cesspit and you will discover who/what is actually behind it and why...The Holy See (aka the Roman Empire).

View an informative slideshow that explains the design and purpose of Vatican City.
The truth may surprise you: Vatican Concepts and Symbols

And that opens up to yet another stinky rotten mess. The Holy See's incompetent administration of our planet's jurisdictions and resources via the Global Estate Trust and the special purpose vessels used to navigate it (Cestui Que Vie trusts).

Keep digging and you will eventually get to the very bottom of the matter — Jurisdiction. That is where all this global evil we are now witnessing and living through stems from. More specifically the incompetent and criminal administration of our planetary jurisdictions for the past 3000 years.

Only then will you be ready to understand the real, full and undiluted truth. This very same truth that is today manifesting itself as Satanism and Luciferianism under the guise of the New World Order and directed by the Global Crime Syndicate.

What we are witnessing around us today can be likened to a form of controlled demolition striking through all the many layers of deceit, corruption and incompetence. It's a massive task, it's global in scope, and it will take time. The young and weak ones among us must be protected.

The truth is not for everyone, but it is available to those who truly seek it and have the courage to face it.

Here are a few additional points to consider:

  1. This is not just an American problem. It's a global problem with many layers of complexity. Nearly every national and regional government on Earth is profoundly corrupted and under the influence of this Global Crime Syndicate.
  2. To correct the problem many countries and many layers of complexity have to be dealt with simultaneously, and it requires a massive global team effort...and that is a slow moving train.
  3. This deeply entrenched Global Crime Syndicate has no intention of giving up peacefully. They have made many evil preparations and destructive contingency plans in case they should ever get apprehended. That is making the capture of some of them very difficult while preventing horrendous catastrophes from being unleashed. As we witnessed a few years ago with the California fires, aside from conventional weapons, they also appear to command powerful space weapons, and if so, they could unleash them on anyone anywhere since space opens up access to any location on the planet.
  4. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Causing large scale financial collapse, medical collapse, business collapse, chain of supply collapse, energy and food shortages etc, could lead to the unnecessary deaths of countless millions (maybe even billions) of innocent people.

Back in October 2017 the entire world (at least those with internet access) was invited to a buffet of knowledge and understanding. Those who accepted the invitation early got a full sampling of that all-you-can-eat-buffet. Those who joined later may have missed out on a few tasty dishes. Those who are now trying to join at this late hour are still welcome, but sadly there is now little left to the buffet but some scattered crumbs which don't do justice to the fine, tasty and expertly prepared dishes that were available early on.

That buffet is the Q movement of course.

Q started posting publicly in October 2017. We know because We was one of the first people to read these early posts on 4chan. We was there almost from day 1, and was blessed to be able to participate in and benefit from the community spirit of that stupendous movement.

Those of us who have been following Q from early on have no trouble understanding the things that so many are currently finding "hard to believe". Why? Because we early adopters of Q have received a complete education in these matters. The first 100 Q postings are critical. They contain all the foundational material for understanding what was to come after. Q repeatedly taught this lesson: Future Proves Past. In other words the events to unfold in the future, such as the plandemic would confirm what Q taught us several years before.

Those joining in the Q movement much more recently (not having studied the first 100 Q posts) have missed out on so much critical information that they find themselves having great trouble understanding/believing what the early adopters now take for granted and discuss openly.

If you truly desire to understand what is happening and what Q has taught, then you need to start with a proper education. There's no other way about it. Unfortunately, getting such an education at this late stage becomes increasingly difficult, but fear not, we early Q adopters have responded to Q's battle cry and we have made many preparations for this day, since Q knew it would come and we believed our teacher and prepared accordingly. With that said, here are some very good essential resources that loyal and dedicated Q followers have prepared. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in to the buffet (Q’s curriculum) then you will be rewarded accordingly, otherwise you will stay in confusion and disbelief.

All the Q postings in chronological order (newest ones first): qanon.pub

Serial Brain 2 (SB2) is one of the heroes of our movement and had many excellent decodes posted on Reddit. However, as many of us now know, Reddit has shown itself to be part of the censoring problem and the SB2 Reddit account has been removed, so I personally took action and PDFed all of SB2's decodes. Unfortunately PDF could not save the video files (only the links to youtube and other video sharing sites, which may or may not work), but the real meat of his decodes are preserved in PDF format with all the graphics. They are all available (194 PDFs) at this link: SerialBrain2 Decodes

In addition to the Q curriculum, there are several other excellent resources available:

Anna Von Reitz
American State Nationals
Living in the Private