Planetary Jurisdiction

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The four primary jurisdictions of our planet are known as Soil, Land, Sea and Air. These jurisdictions are both natural and artificial, physical and conceptual, and together they form the foundation on top of which our modern day civilization is built.

This site contains the following educational resources: a collection of lessons for discovering the basics of these jurisdictions, and additional resources such as graphics, charts, and a complete jurisdiction specification manual to complement these lessons.

This collection of lessons and resources is offered freely to everyone without cost or copyright restrictions worldwide. You are free to use them any way you wish for educational purposes.

truth perspective

Truth is all around us and one only needs to focus on it with an open mind in order to see it.

While the above statement may be true, the fact remains that the truth of our primary jurisdictions is all around us at all times for everyone to see, yet very few people with open minds can see the truth about them. Why is it so? Because foundations get buried deep underneath all the things they support, and that makes them hard to discern. Their very design can be forgotten over time.

Oftentimes the only way to know anything about a foundation is to study the original plans, if they exist. Unfortunately, the original plans of our planetary jurisdictions were never adequately documented in a structured, concise, clear and practical way, from the ground up for the benefit of all mankind. Over the course of many centuries various bits and pieces were erratically recorded, frequently as a consequence of strife and conflict, with one side using the knowledge to oppress the masses, and the other side attempting to use the knowledge to liberate itself from their oppressors. It's no wonder that a proper understanding of our primary jurisdictions remains such a mystery to most people.

The internet age has finally put many of the original jurisdiction plans at our disposal, and some of the missing parts have been painstakingly reconstructed by dedicated people who have made it their life's work to unearth and solve some of the remaining mysteries. It's finally time to reverse engineer and transform our inconsistent and sometimes disorderly historical record into a modern, organized, logical and effective knowledge base for the benefit of all mankind.

It's now time for everyone to learn the Truth about, see the Beauty of, and become a genuine participant in the Goodness that our primary jurisdictional system has to offer.

Let's begin!
A general overview of our civilizational system is offered in this 1 page presentation (PDF).Bankruptcy Timeline.pdf

Lesson 7 - The Interface

The subject of the jurisdictional interface is an unavoidable consequence of an evolving and immature civilisation, and this simple lesson can only scratch the surface of this complex subject. For that reason this lesson will be limited to explaining, in the simplest of terms, what this interface is intended to be. Sadly this interface has become fraught with all manner of legal shenanigans and fraud, some of which will be explored in LESSON 10.

Let's begin with a definition.


  1. A surface forming a common boundary between adjacent regions, bodies, substances, or phases.
  2. A point at which independent systems or diverse groups interact.
  3. A common boundary or interconnection between systems, equipment, concepts, or people.
  4. Something that enables separate and sometimes incompatible systems to coordinate or communicate.

This interface is of special importance and deserves to be clearly understood. There is a barrier, or bar that separates the artificial Sea jurisdiction from the artificial Land jurisdiction, much the same way a strip of sandy beach separates the natural Sea from the natural Land, yet at the same time it is shared by both. Another comparison can be made to that of a ship's gangplank which connects the ship to the land. In the artificial jurisdictions, this bar or interface, has to be properly manipulated because it is analogous to the veil between life and death. This is the so-called corporate veil.

Lawful people are connected to life and physical actuality, but Legal persons are not, so that Lawful people are biologically alive and Legal persons are metaphorically dead.

On the Land side of the bar are found living breathing people, and on the Sea side of the bar are found dead corporate personas. The chart in LESSON 2 showed this bar as the divider between the Natural and the Artificial. This bar is the interface between Lawful and Legal. As you learned in LESSON 4, what is Lawful and of the Land has sovereignty and overcontrol of what is Legal and of the Sea. And such is how it ought to be, but as you will see in LESSON 10, mankind has misused and neglected this interface to the point of almost entirely reversing its proper hierarchical flow of authority, with the Sea jurisdiction now inappropriately acting as overcontrol of the Land jurisdiction. There are similar issues with the Air jurisdiction.

Note: The word — bar — comes from Bar Association. A bar association is a professional association of lawyers as generally organized in countries following the Anglo-American types of jurisprudence. The word bar is derived from the old English/European custom of using a physical railing (a wooden bar) to separate the area in which court business is done from the viewing area for the general public.

Currently the British Monarch and the Papal Temple Government of Westminster are the guardians and executors of this jurisdictional interface or bar. Their responsibility and duty is to act as the Trustees of our Lawful people when we venture over the bar. They are obligated to protect our National Trust, which includes our Natural and Unalienable Rights and to aid and assist us on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways (the international jurisdiction of the Sea) and the global jurisdiction of the Air (commerce) in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, and to everyone's detriment, they have grossly trespassed against the living people of the Soil and Land, and arbitrarily tried to redefine the living people of these jurisdictions as chattel properties belonging to them and their commercial corporations and they have gotten away with this fraud for many years undetected.

It was all done accidentally-on-purpose via unlawful manipulation of the bar — the interface between Lawful people and Legal persons and their purposeful misidentification of one for the other, so as to avoid treaty and contractual obligations.

For now, know that when we, Lawful people, cross the interface and enter the international jurisdiction of the Sea or the global Air jurisdiction of commerce, and therefore function as Legal persons on a temporary basis, we are owed safe conduct. Whether the guardians of the bar will honor their commitments to you or not is anybody's guess. As it presently stands they continue to fail miserably at honoring this commitment. At all times, you must maintain your awareness of the interface between Lawful and Legal and know who you are with respect to this interface.

To be continued in LESSON 10.
This short slide presentation (PDF) further illustrates the jurisdictional interface: